Asics Women’s Gel-FujiTrabuco Sky

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Asics Women's Gel-FujiTrabuco Sky


Specifications Asics Women’s Gel-FujiTrabuco Sky


If you are a trail lover, these Asics Women’s Gel-Fuji Trabuco Sky are your winning choice without a doubt. Developed together with three-time UTMB champion Xavier Thevenard, this proposal from the Japanese brand provides you with all the advances so you can run cross-country without rocks, roots and other obstacles getting in your way. Its upper is reinforced to prevent pieces of trunk, stones and other small elements that you can find on your way from entering the sneaker. Style running. Elastic laces for better comfort. Holes in the sole and insole to expel water. Sole designed for maximum grip on wet surfaces. Color coral and blue. Made of . Reference: 1012A770-700

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